27 May, 2015 – Episode 516 – This Week in Science


White Nose Treatment, Brain Breaking Physics, School Creationism Banned, Zoonotic Pandemics, Rad-Away Realities, Birds Get Heavy, Big Brained Lives, Letters For Life, Not From Denmark, Mimicking Gammas, Safe-Keeping Crows, World Robot Domination, Dementor Wasps, And Much More…

Disclaimer disclaimer disclaimer
Despite all attempts to correct the situation
We still live in a world in which science education is largely
an elective…
Compared to anything you are likely to encounter in an
economics class, a political science class, or even an intro to world religions…
There is nothing more intellectually stimulating,
more mystery illuminating,
and more just plain interesting than science.
Since science education is not yet mandatory,
it follows that most media does not cover a subject most
people don’t know much about,
and so most people, not knowing what they’ve been missing out on,
Also don’t know that they are missing even more now as
science keeps adding to the list of things most people know nothing about
And since there are so few places to get great science news
There are few places more interesting than the following
hour of
This week in science…
Coming up next…

White Nose Syndrome could be vanquished!
The first bats to have a new treatment for WNS have been released, and scientists and park staff are cautiously optimistic!

Brain Breaking Physics
Quantum theory weirdness is finally confirmed in an experiment that took over 35 years to make happen.

School Creationism Banned
But, not in America… in Scotland.

Zoonotic pandemic vs. science = meh
Researchers are developing vaccines that are useful against multiple strains of virus and even multiple viruses, potentially helping in the fight against pandemics.

Birds get Heavy
Jays size up food items before choosing them, by either weight, sound, or both. That’s a smart bird!!

Big brains save lives
Female guppies with larger brains had a greater chance of evading predators, while males showed no such advantage. Sorry, guys…

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Rad-Away a reality
There is a new treatment that can potentially be used for acute radiation exposure.

New Letters For Life
Two new nucleotides have been created and shown to pair with natural DNA potentially enabling new functions and proteins.

Not from Denmark
New archaeological methods involving carbon dating have determined that a child buried in Denmark was not, in fact, from Denmark.

Mimicking Gamma Rays
Scientists at LLNL have created matter anti-matter pair using high-energy lasers that will allow greater understanding of the production of gamma rays, the highest energy bursts in the universe.

Crows store their tools for safe-keeping
Crows are very careful where they put their tools, so they know just where they are when they need them again.

Pluto In Your Hand
An app from NASA lets you follow the New Horizons mission on your phone.

World Robot Domination
They will recover better than you!

Dementor Wasps!
Nuff said.

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