31 January, 2018 – Episode 656 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


Naked Mole Rat Longevity, Genetic Jitters, Eureka!, Horse Toes, Rooster Roadies, Rolling The Dice, Muscle Memory, Cancer vaccine!, Genetic Nurture, Genome Sequencing, Plastics R Bad, Voynich AI Crack, And Much More…

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What you put in determines what you can get out…
And it doesn’t really matter what stuff you are putting in…
Or what you are putting that stuff into…
Putting a decent effort into something
will get a different result than putting in no effort at all…
Inputting reliable data will result in more reliable data out…
Placing potatoes in a pot of boiling water
is much more likely to get you a pot of boiled potatoes
than if you had filled your pot with onions…
And while this may seem obvious to all…
It is not what we often practice.
For all around us all the time
people are placing onions in pots of boiling water
and expecting boiled potatoes as a result…
Like relaxing your way to getting fit…
Or eating junk food and still wishing to lose weight…
Or staying up too late and still hoping to be well rested…
Or tuning in to nonsense shows yet still wanting to become more intelligent…
But all they end up with are boiled onions…
Which, if covered in melted cheese
with a dollop of sour cream
is still a great snack to relax with for a late night Netflix binge on the couch…
And yet!
You have found your way here…
to the place that will put potatoes into your pot…
Or in this case, science into your brain…
so that you can achieve the result you actually desire…
To know what’s happening…
This Week In Science,
Coming Up Next…

Naked Mole Rat Longevity
May you live long, like a naked mole rat. Naked mole rats don’t follow the usual mortality pattern seen in mammals. Somehow they manage to age without aging, without their odds of mortality increasing over time.

Genetic Jitters
A paper in Nature supports a postulate originally made by Watson and Crick, suggesting that genetic mutations, which are essentially the result of cellular machinery copying errors, are due to ‘quantum jitters’ in which DNA bases shift their shape for just long enough to become incorrectly incorporated into the DNA strand. These occurred at the same rate that such mutations occur naturally, and provides a mechanism for the genetic mistakes.

There’s gold in them there microbes!

We were wrong about the horses, all along!
Horses and similar hoofed critters may have a complete set of digits, after-all.

Why would a rooster make the perfect roadie?
Because they have built-in earplugs!

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This Week in What Has Science Done For Me Lately
“Science gave me a frame of reference in which to view the world. I was trained as a biochemist and eventually became a database designer.

For me, I am able to view an entire system and break it down to individual components. When something goes wrong I use the scientific method to analyze what is working and not working.

I use enzymology to view data flow like enzyme reactions in a biochemical pathway. Finding optimal paths and identifying bottlenecks.

The tools I learned as a scientist help me identify problems, and figure them out helps me every day. You don’t have to be a scientist to thing like a scientist.
Jerry Salem
Love the show. I mention it at least once a week to my friends and family!
–Jerry Salem Ph.D.”

Rolling the dice to rid the world of fate
How dice and psychology progressed hand in hand.

Muscle Memory
Scientists report a change in epigenetic tags on genes related to muscle growth as a result of exercise and muscle growth that remain after muscle shrinks and affect later growth.

Cancer vaccine! for mice
A promising cancer treatment essentially cured mice of cancer and protected them from future outbreaks. Clinical human trials are currently underway.

Genetic Nurture
The genes you did not inherit from your parents have about 30% the influence of the genes you did inherit, but what does this really tell us about nature versus nurture?

Genome Sequencing Advance
The entire human genome was sequenced using a miniION nanopore sequencer… there was a bit of tweaking involved, but they did it.

Plastics are bad, mmkay?
Plastics present in and around corals ruin their general health, and decrease their chance of survival. So no, DON’T TAKE THAT DISPOSABLE STRAW, KAREN!

Voynich AI Crack
An AI algorithm might have succeeded where decades of human analysis has failed, and cracked the code of the Voynich manuscript.

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