4 May, 2022 – Episode 874 – May the Fourth be with us!


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This Week: Black Hole Sound, Poo Pills, Abortion, Global warming will kill all the fish, Coral Coves, Sweet CO2, What’s that? A tired bird?, Bats, Vegetarian kids, Bioreactor burgers, Eye Screen, Factory Resets, Reset Diseases, And Much More…

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Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!!!

The supreme court of the united states has written a legal opinion to overturn roe vs wade joining a shortlist of countries which prevent women from having reproductive rights which include:

Egypt, Libya, Senegal, Iran, Afghanistan, El Salvador, Honduras, Philippines, Laos, Nigeria, and the popular pseudo-socialist right-wing boogie man Venezuela.

Now it is important to keep in mind that the legal shift would primarily affect states that have already passed laws to impose abortion bans should roe vs wade be overturned these include states like:

Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia to name a few.

All of which voted for slavery the last time that was a thing you could vote for in America.

Which isn’t completely fair seeing as that was over a hundred and fifty years ago and the confederacy only lasted for four years, and only some people in those states still claim the four-year fight for slavery as their heritage despite having a black president for 8 in very recent history.

Yet curtailing the rights of women, or LGBT communities, or minorities, or anyone else for that matter is a matter of deep-held cultural identity for some Americans, as ugly as that sounds and while some frame it as states rights giving the state the ability to impose restrictions on individuals is an act of taking rights away forcing women into essentially a legal contract to give birth is the sort of thing even most authoritarian governments feel is a bit much.

But maybe these laws, however misguided, are in some way out of a love for children. Let’s look then at how states spend tax revenue on parentless children.

California which definitely not going to outlaw reproductive rights spends three times as much as on children living in foster care than Texas which definitely will outlaw reproductive rights.

New York state outspends Texas as well, despite having only half the population.

Oregon spends twice what South Carolina spends on foster youth.

Washington spends three times what Mississippi spends despite only having twice the population.

Maryland spends three times what Arkansas spends, despite having half the population.

States that already have the greatest restrictions on reproductive rights, consistently underfund foster care systems, and also those happen to be states with the highest rates of incarceration.

Again and again, everywhere you look, the commitment to actual outcomes is missing the actual outcome of criminalizing reproductive choice will be an increase in youth at the greatest risk for incarceration. Incarceration that could find these children performing unpaid prison labor the likes of which exist today in states like Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas.

But keep in mind, these are again states that voted for slavery when they had the chance, which doesn’t seem so unfair to mention now.

So maybe they are committed to an outcome for children by suppressing the reproductive rights of women. But it isn’t one anyone should be in favor of.

The only thing you should be in favor of is more

This Week in Science

Some quick science news you can appreciate!

Black Hole Sound
The echoes of X-rays from black holes are helping to map their local space. Also, black holes sound cool.

Dr. Justin’s Poo Pills
Fecal transplants reverse hallmarks of aging

Abortion access is just the beginning
Overturning Roe v. Wade could half the number of qualified OBGYNs available in the future.

Global warming will kill all the fish
For the dinosaurs it was a meteor, for the fish it’ll be… us.

Coral Coves
Turns out people are bad for corals.

Sweet CO2
A new method using yeast fermentation turns CO2 into glucose or long-chain fatty acids.


It’s time for Blair’s Animal Corner!

What’s that? A tired bird?
Tired magpies sing strange and can’t solve problems.

Blind as a bat? Not quite….
Despite having great vision, these bats use echolocation when flying during the day.

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What science news does Justin have?

Veggie kids are just fine
Children who eat a vegetarian diet had similar measures of growth and nutrition compared to children who eat meat

Bioreactor burgers can save the planet
Fungal protein replacement for just 20% of beef would cut deforestation by half.


May the Fourth be with Dr. Kiki for these stories!

Eye Screen
Can a smartphone app tell you if you have Alzheimer’s?

Factory Reset?
Would you edit your brain if it could get rid of your anxiety & related damaging behaviors?

Reset Disease?
What about gene modification for kids?

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Do you have questions that you want us to answer (like, how to have greater longevity?)? Send us your questions! We will do our best to have answers!
Leave us a message on our Facebook page, OR email Dr. Kiki!

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