04 March, 2015 – Episode 503 – This Week in Science


Blame Your Gandmother, Remote-Control Cockroaches, Fat Movie Effect, Bees Get Confused, Sperm For Safety, H5N1 Cure?, I Smell You, Non-primitive Sex Drive, Extreme Weather Feathers, And Much More…

Disclaimer Disclaimer Disclaimer
For tens of thousands of years mankind wandered in darkness
of night without sight
But for the light of moon, light of the stars and
eventually… fire
Keeping some darkness away but inviting shadows to dance at
the back of the cave wall…
Fire ushered in mankind’s mastery of nature…
The shadows and stars both told tales of greater things to
come… Science was born…
Yet just as our illumination began to reach further, push
harder against the unseen
A dark age made monsters out of shadows and threw the future
of humanity into coarsely crafted hellfire
The great uprising of the past hundred years has once again put
science firmly in control of the future of humanity…
The time of shadows and monsters behind us…
The moment in which we can do is now…
March 4th minions of science!
And see what wonders await you on the edges of discovery
March 4th Minions of science
With the knowledge that propels space craft beyond our solar
system and brings sub atomic particles into view
March 4th minions of science
And receive the gift that thousands of years of hard work
have gifted us here on
This Week in Science… coming up next

Blame Your Grandmother
Apparently, environmental epigenetic effects skip a generation.

Remote Controlled Cockroaches
Scientists have successfully used a special microcontroller backpack to control cockroaches, similar to how reins work on a horse. What next, remote-controlled dogs? Then people?!

Bees get confused
Bumblebees can create false memories, just like us, suggesting that any animal potentially can.

Frozen animal sperm could save a species
Samples at the “Frozen Zoo” could help to save the northern white rhino, by converting the cells into stem cells and then into sperm and egg.

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Sad movies make you fatter
According to a dumpster-diving research team, people eat more when watching sad movies.

We smell each other more than we thought
Dogs smell each other when they meet, and it turns out so do we. Our handshake is an excuse to smell the competition!

Possible H5N1 cure

Non-primitive sex drive

Extreme weather causes deformed feathers
Extreme weather events correlate with an increase in feather malformations called “pallid bands.” So, it doesn’t just mess up the feathers exposed at the time of the event, it also effects growth.

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