11 December, 2019 – Episode 750 – How Fish Bones Tell Stories


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Interview w/ Dr. Virgina Butler on Digging Fish Bones, Pig-Monkey Mix, Lice Go Way Back, Extinction Complexity, Greenlandic Thaw, Baboon Sex, SF Sea Otters, Faking It, Little Drummer Brains, Fungus Trees, Lit Nets, And Much More…

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According to reports that are coming in from around the world…

People are everywhere.

Even where you are right now, there is at least one person.

In fact, chances are you have never been anywhere at any time where at least one person wasn’t present.

And, even less of a chance that you have ever been anywhere where people haven’t been before.

But there have been times on our planet when people could go places where other people had never been.

Going where no one has gone before has been a thing people have liked doing
since the first overcrowded hunting ground…

Amazingly, when people then went looking for a place where there would be no people…
They often found more people.

Occasionally, however, they did manage to find a place where no people had been before…

And when they did find such brave new worlds to explore,
the one thing they wished they had brought with them?

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This week in science,
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Let’s start with an interview!

Interview with Dr. Virginia Butler!
Dr. Butler is a professor of anthropology at Portland State University. Her focus is zooarchaeology, which is why she is very interested in what fish bones can tell us about human history.

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This Week in What Has Science Done for me Lately?!?

Justin tells us how science makes his world travels compatible with doing TWIS. Also, it was his birthday this week! Happy birthday, Justin!

Let us know what science has done for you lately, and we will read it on the show!

Now, let’s continue with SCIENCE NEWS!…

Pig-Monkey Mix
Researchers created pig-monkey chimeras, but really weren’t very successful.

Lice Go Way Back
Dinosaur feathers found in amber revealed that even dinosaurs had lice.

Extinction Complexity
Evidence from clam and snail shells suggests the climate was changing before the dinosaurs were wiped out by the asteroid.

Greenlandic Thaw
Greenland’s glaciers are melting, and the rate of melting is speeding up. It’s also been an extremely hot summer season for the Arctic, dead zones are expanding, sea levels are rising, and mountain glacier-melt drinking water sources are disappearing rapidly. There is a lot happening. The news makes it seem really, really bad. But, don’t hide away. We all need to work together to fix these problems. We can do it. Together.

Finally, it’s time for Blair’s Animal Corner!

Baboons and STD’s
What can they tell us about our own safe sex practices? A lot, but you’re not going to like it…

Sea Otters in the SF Bay
Could be coming soon, for the betterment of the ecosystem, and to be cute!

Let’s end with some quick SCIENCE NEWS stories!…

Faking It
People modulate information to fit their previously held beliefs.

Little Drummer Brains
The two hemispheres of brains of drummers are more efficient and better wired than everyone else’s.

The fungus that stole Christmas… trees
A newly discovered mold in Christmas trees!

Light up those fishing nets for the holidays!
Deck the nets with LED lights – to save aquatic by-catch!

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