12 November, 2014 – Episode 489 – This Week in Science


Mind-Controlled Mice, Philae Has Landed, Really Old Genes, Electronic Tongue, Knights Of the Feather, It’s Bat-otage!, Lung Regeneration, Twisted Light, Koala Clamydia, Testicular Prominence, Beat Deafness, And Much More…

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We live in a multi-lingual world where various beliefs are couched different languages…
and often, those with different languages live amongst each other…
While often thought to be a modern consideration, like multi lingual drivers tests at the
department of motor vehicles for instance…
There was another time when the wisdom of inclusion was put into action…
2200 years ago King Ptolemy had a kingly declaration to make to his subjects…
Because he wanted as many as possible to understand his demands, he had it carved in stone
not in just the Egyptian hieroglyphic of the day, but in two other languages as well…
At the time of its 1799 French discovery in city of Rosetta we knew nothing of how to
transcribe the strange hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt…
But we knew well the third engraved language… ancient greek…
And with this discovery, an entire branch of academic study was unleashed, and the
history of an ancient nation, a beginning of civilization became known to us for the first time…
It is just this sort of Rossetta stone we hope to bring you each week as we seek out the science
news stories that usher in new waves of inquiry and new insights into past dilemmas on
This week in science… coming up next…

Mind-Controlled Mice
Scientists demonstrated the potential of mind-controlled optogenetic gene expression, in the first experiment to link a human’s brain to a protein producing device implanted in a mouse.

Philae Has Landed
ESA’s Rosetta mission successfully landed the Philae lander on the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko.

Really old people genes
Whole genome analysis of supercentenarians revealed that there is no gene for old age.

Electronic “tongue”
A new electronic device called the e-tongue will lap up water, beverages, blood, and more to sense chemical fingerprint.

Knights Of the Feather
Male hummingbird beaks are for stabbiness, not flower-eating.

I’m Tellin Ya All, it’s a Bat-otage!
Bats use a “jamming” frequency to confuse competitors when going in for a meal

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Lung Regeneration
Scientists have discovered stem cells essential to the regeneration of damaged lungs.

Twisted Light
Physicists successfully transmitted beams of twisted light through the skies of Vienna, demonstrating the potential for open-air transmission of classical and quantum communications.

Koala Clamydia
Koala clamydia vaccine could save those cuddly, STD-ridden, fuzzy-wuzzy, outback darlings!

Testicular Prominence
A new protein atlas of the human body shows the testicles as a location of high protein diversity.

What Is Beat Deafness?
If you can’t hold a beat or adjust to match a beat, you’re beat deaf.

Drop Of Diagnosis
A new machine aims to diagnose diseases with just a small drop of blood.

Google Genome
$25 storage per year…

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