15 February, 2017 – Episode 606 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


Guiding Human Editing, CRISPR Patent Ruling, Real Live Malaria, Terrible Headed Lizard, Fly Wing Semaphore, Tough Kids Rule, Monkey In Mirror, Video Game Chemistry, Five Day Fast, Stress Is Good, Low Crime Immigrants, Ant Butt Beetles, And Much More…

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It’s time to wake up…
There’s a whole big wide world out there just waiting to be explored…
And you can’t get there while your brain is napping
Sleep has benefits,
But snoring is too boring
When there is still have so much to learn…
And the world you know is the world you live in…
Your wide open spaces,
your mountains and valleys,
your oceans and seven seas,
your horizons,
and your solar system,
galaxy and universe beyond…
All are limited or expanded by what you learn…
Your education means your world to you…
It is as much the ground upon which you stand
As the Earth beneath your feet
And we want to be your neighbor
Here on This week in science…
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Guiding Human Editing
The National Academy of Sciences and The National Academy of Medicine have issued a report with guidelines for the future of human genome editing, and they basically say “go for it… within reason”.

CRISPR Patent Ruling
The victor in this round of the patent battle for CRISPR supremacy between UC Berkeley and MIT’s Broad Institute is… the Broad Institute.

Real Live Malaria
The newest malaria vaccine on the block is just malaria.

Terrible Headed Lizard
This ling-necked lizard was discovered with an embryo in its abdomen.

A tough childhood gives you that smoulder
That slow burn, to make you live longer. But, it doesn’t necessarily increase your fitness…

When the sun hits your wings just right, you know you’ve got it going on…
If you’re a fly, that is. Female flies convey all sorts of information to potential mates with a quick flutter of wings in the sunlight.

Once again, we underestimate animal intelligence because we design tests for humans.
It turns out monkeys may have a lot more self-awareness than we thought, the problem before being that we didn’t train monkeys how mirrors work…

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Better Chemistry through playing video games…
Check out the Minecraft based chemistry world of Polycraft!

Five Day Fast
A study out of the University of Southern California shows that mimicking-fasting for five days a month can dramatically improve health markers that influence longevity.

Stress Is Good
Maybe a sauna a week is good for you! Worms exposed to heat stress increased cellular autophagy, which cleans up aggregating proteins, and influenced lifespan.

Immigrants bring crime…
rates down.

Ant Butt Beetles
A newly described and named species of beetle hitches a ride on Army ant abdomens, and possibly pretends to be their butt.

French Initiative
French people cross against red lights more often than people in Japan.

Algae Survive Space
A species of hardy Norweigian algae survived 530 days on the outside of the ISS only to return home and start reproducing as if they had never left Earth.

Dad’s Diet Endures
What fruit fly dad’s eat influences sperm competition in their sons.

The media is controlling what we know about conservation.
But is it based on ratings? On celebrity endorsements? On legal stance? What can we do to stay properly informed?

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