17 May, 2017 – Episode 619 – This Week in Science (TWIS) Podcast


Our Earth Bubble, Historical Nuke News, Zeno’s Quantum Phone, Genetic Origins, All The Dad Feels, Crazy Lady Flies, Be Random!, Microbial Regulation, Trees On The Move, Common Ideas, Big Old Bite, Salty Plastics, Stress Animals, Bees Love Detroit, And Much More…

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Is the one thing we depend on in modern society, more than any other…
With it…
we are healthier, more prosperous, more secure, and more free…
Without it…
we will be sicker, poorer, at greater risk, and beholden to others…
And of all the intelligence out there…
the most important, the most precious…
The most pluripotent with potentiality…
Is that which was not known before…
Hidden knowledge,
that once revealed by science can make up for our prior lack of intelligence about an issue… and propel us along a path unseen to us previously.
The following hour of programming contains such previously unknown intelligence that
If shared with the adversaries of the United States of America,
Could lead to greater dialog on important issues that affect all mankind…
Issues that put into perspective tensions over trade and territory minutia
Issues like global warming, disease prevention, sustainability, and our common origins…
Like how a half dozen different hominins once walked the earth together,
and have you seen the billions of galaxies that recently came into Hubble’s view?
So, if you find yourself in casual conversation behind closed doors with potential adversaries…
And wish to tout the intelligence you are privy too…
Look no further than…
This Week in Science,
Coming Up Next…

This Week in What Has Science Done For Me Lately…
“At the end of July 2015 I checked myself into hospital because I couldn’t breathe. Five days later, after an emergency tracheostomy, the diagonosis of larageal cancer was confirmed. I call August 17th the day of the short knives, when two highly skilled professionals cut my throat. After the total laryngetomy the anatomy of my neck has been drastically reconstructed.

So what has science done for me lately? Well, Let’s see. I breathe through a whole in my neck between my collarbones… but I’m still breathing. I count that as a win.

Be well.”
–minion Julian Sammy

Our Earth Bubble
Very low frequency radio transmission from people on Earth has created a barrier to radiation coming from space.

Historical Nuke News
Declassified data from atmospheric nuclear explosions during the Cold War are informing scientists about how humans can affect space weather and potentially protect satellites from damaging solar storms.

Zeno’s Quantum Phone
Chinese scientists sent an image between two places without sending any particles. This is the first report of what is called direct counterfactual quantum communication.

Origin of Life on earth…
A phylogenetic analysis of the genes shared by organisms has taken researchers back to the ones that were most important at the beginning.

What makes a good dad?
It may all be in the hormones!

It’s just something about him… it makes me crazy!
It might be his sperm, controlling you from WITHIN. At least, if you are a fruit fly. Something in sperm makes females agressive after mating. Thanks, guys….

Tadpoles say, any port in a storm!
Tadpoles will jump on any frog’s back, even one of another species, to escape their cannibalistic siblings!

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Be Random!
But, only 10% random in your behavior if you are an AI bot.

Microbes can regulate your genes
A new study shows the influence that microbes hold over our guts.

Trees On The Move
Tree populations are splitting up, with some deciding to move north and others heading west.

Tracking Drought
California’s groundwater supply ebbs and grows depending on the state of saturation. Drought and irrigation have historically reduced the state’s groundwater reserves, but more recently tree crops like almonds have led to large ground water reductions even with reductions in irrigation.

Atheism more common than once thought
Atheists might make up to 1/4 of the US population.

Big Old Bite
T-rex had one of the strongest bites in history according to a new analysis based on lassoing crocodiles.

Salty Plastics
Your sea salt has plastic in it. Not a lot, but it’s there.

Dogs help kids feel less stressed
Having their family dog in the room kept children calm when tasked with public speaking, even more than their parents did!

Bumble bees take over Detroit
It’s basically due to lots of fallow land.

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