22 April, 2015 – Episode 511 – This Week in Science


Etching For Energy, Placebo Yo!, Read Science, Mountain Man Microbes, Urban Bird-an, See-through Wings, Circadian Color, Interview w/ Scott Lewis re: #Hubble25, World Robot Domination, Girl Power, Neonics Not Nice, Twins Get Bit, Life Un-Remembered, And Much More…

Disclaimer Disclaimer disclaimer
People freak out about stuff all the time.
It is in their nature.
They have expectations of how things should be, and when
they don’t work out that way…
They freak out.
Some freak outs are subtle, like an annoyed hissing of air
on exhale…
While other freak outs can be much more ape like in their demonstrative
Such as wildly gesticulating from your automobile at another
motorist who has cut you off without using a turn-signal…
Yes people freak out about the darndest things…
For instance, the environment.
Why would people freak out about the environment?
It’s just trees after all… and air, that we breathe… and
water, that we drink… and animals… some of which are just insects… that
pollinate the food we eat… not to mention the weather above, and the soil
beneath our feet…
The environment is, perhaps, one of the few things humans
freak out about… that actually makes sense for them to do so…
Because when it’s gone… a lot of the things humans have
grown to love go with them.
Eating, drinking, breathing, trees… etc.
So if you see us freaking out once in a while, just try to
Every day is Earth Day here on
This week in science…
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Etching For Energy
Daniel Nocera is back in the news with a new patterning technique called RIPPLE that rapidly coats silicon with a catalyst using electro-chemistry in a way that makes it more efficient for use in potential artificial leaf systems.

Placebo Yo!
Is it the homeopathic treatment or the personal medical attention that helps the patient? Chris Lee over at ArsTechnica tears apart a paper published in PLoSOne this week that favors a homeopathic conclusion over other alternatives.

Read Science
Those who pay attention to science news are potentially more likely to perceive climate news along less politically ideological lines.

Mountain man anti-microbial might
Isolated tribes are found to harbor greater microbial diversity in their guts than people living in modern society. A recent study found active anti-microbial agents as well.

Color is important to your circadian rhythms
A new study shows that color is a key factor in dictating activity levels for mice. Am I in trouble?!

Ultra transparent butterfly wings
A butterfly has been discovered with wings that are transparent, and also non-reflective. Now, how can we harness this technology for human use?!

Bird brains in urban neighborhoods hard to find
People were out of touch in a recent study on bird diversity in urban settings, showing us that we need to make birders out of these city folk!

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Let’s talk Hubble turning 25!!!
Interview with Scott Lewis (@ScientificScott on Twitter) who runs Hangouts for the Space Telescope Science Institute and HubbleSite.

Want to know about making Hubble happen? Or just see pretty pictures?

Don’t miss the #Hubble25 Hangout!

More Science News…
World Robot Domination… of birds
Robo-Raven is so good it even fools real birds. The first robotic bird with independent wings, it flies like a bird.

Neonics And Wild Bees
A study published in Nature this week indicates that neonicitinoid pesticides have a dramatic effect on wild bumblebee populations, but significantly less of an effect on managed honeybee colonies.

Mosquito Bite Pilot
Twins were bitten by mosquitoes for science. More study is needed.

Girl Power
Teaching girls to value themselves leads to fewer unplanned pregnancies.

A life un-remembered

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