25 March, 2015 – Episode 507 – This Week in Science


CDC Seriously?, Bullies In Space, World’s Biggest Impact, Vaginarray, Bout That Bass, Color Changing Fish, Mammoth DNA, Spinning Spider Sisters, Really Too Tired, Prehistoric Tools, Cesspit Science, Walkie Crockie, Lemony-Skeeters, And Much More…

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The scope of the universe is so large that at any one time the greatest minds of our kind can often focus only on miniscule angular parts of the whole picture. Any new discovery, any progression in the continued development of our understanding of all that there is – to everything here and everything out there – is but one segment of a seemingly rapidly expanding puzzle that represents: REALITY. The greatest discoveries are made when pieces of this puzzle are found to fit together and sometimes matching them represents the life work of multiple people or even multiple civilizations. While it may seem at times overwhelming to think it could be our destiny to finish putting this picture together in our lifetime, or even that of our entire species – do not lament! – For we are giving out free puzzle pieces on: THIS WEEK IN SCIENCE! Coming up next.

CDC Seriously?
A report published to the CDC’s website this past week finds that the agency’s biosafety oversight is lacking.

Bullies In Space
Jupiter might be the reason we have so many little rocky planets near our sun instead of super giants.

World’s Biggest Impact
Evidence found in Australia suggests that a massive meteor, larger than any other discovered on the Earth’s surface to date, impacted sometime possibly more than 300 million years ago.

Scientists hope to probe vaginas.

All about that bass, bout that bass
Is it really?

Color Changing Fish
Dottybacks change colors to act as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” to catch their prey – but they also get an added benefit of getting eaten less, themselves!

Jurrasic Park, here we come…
Mammoths are more likely to come back than ever, now that mammoth DNA has successfully been spliced in with elephant DNA. But should we do it, just because we can??

Spider sisters are doin it for themselves
It turns out that female spiders do actually take an active role in courtship, especially when males are lackluster.

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Really Too Tired
A pilot study on sleep and sexual arousal in women finds that each additional hour of sleep increases arousal by 14%.

Old bones, old tools
A dig site find suggests that prehistoric tool use evolved in time with meat-eating.

Outdoorsy Vision
Nearsightedness may have to do with outdoorsyness

Science in a cesspit
Scientists are using fossilized poop to track historical movements of people across the middle east and europe.

Research has shown that the malaria-causing Plasmodium parasite produces scented chemicals when ready to leave its host that might attract mosquitoes, and help complete its life-cycle.

A major croc
This crocodillian ancestor walked on two legs and was a major predator.

Squid Tape!
Camo sticky tape now with squid proteins!

Nitrate On Mars
Did Mars have a nitrogen cycle at some point in its past?

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