28 October, 2015 – Episode 538 – This Week in Science


Scariest Meat, Venomous Bandages, Blackest Black, Mummies In Europe!!!, Zombies!!!!, Furry Wolfmice, Shriek For Danger, Anty-Oobleck, Spider Glue, Drunk Comet, Tracking You, The Black Death, Zeno Confirmed, And Much More…

Disclaimer Disclaimer Disclaimer
Thrice the toxo cat hath mew’d.
As Blair brought invertebrate sex news
Kiki cries:—’twis time! ’twis time!
So round up the minions… go;
And In the science stories throw.
Double, double toil and trouble;
Let the science cauldron bubble.
Scale of Dino, Neander tooth
Evolution finds its proof
Idea of Newton, brain of bird,
Of what dark matter, have you heard
Double, double toil and trouble;
Let the science cauldron bubble.
Vision of Bat, Martian fog,
Growing livers in a hog
Giraffe necks up for debate
Global Warming it’s not too late
Double, double toil and trouble;
Let the science cauldron bubble.
And while the haunting hollowed eve grows near
The minions favorite hour is here
As lively as a witches hex
It’s This Week in Science
Coming up next…

Scariest Meat
The WHO decreed processed meat is cancerous. It is, just not as bad as smoking.

Venomous Bandages
Researchers at Rice University combined two things, snake venom and hydrogel nanofibers, in a unique way to create a topical gel that could be used to aid in blood clotting.

Blackest Black
Scientists at a Saudi Arabian university have created a nano-structured material that absorbs 98-99% of light within the 400-1400nm wavelength range, irrepective of angle or polarization, which makes it the blackest blackbody material to date.

Mummies in Europe!!!
European mummification was likely a pretty common thing.

Zombie plants are real.

How the wolfman got his fur back…
Researchers discovered how to grow hair everywhere and anywhere on a rat.

A shriek for help could set you free
Sending out a distress call allows the victim to get away, by attracting other predators to fight it out for the prey!

Who would like an ant milkshake?
A new study shows ants act as both liquid and solid when subjected to environmental pressures.

Spider silk and eye of newt
That could be the ingredients list in your new household glue! Well… not the eye of newt…

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The black death
We gave it to the rats.

Tracking You
Using wireless radio transmissions commonly used in homes today, researchers at MIT have succeeded in tracking people and identifying individuals through walls.

Drunk comet…
Comet Shoemaker-Levy seems to be having a party… at least, it’s giving out lots of alcohol.

Zeno Confirmed
There is no quantum motion, or tunnelling, by atoms in a super-cooled arrangement when they are observed.

Sing to your baby!!
Singing keeps a baby calm longer than speaking to it, so swallow your pride and croon away!

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