31 May, 2017 – Episode 621 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


Interview w/ Bill Schutt on Cannibals, Juno Science?, Off Kilter Enceladus, Groundwater On Mars, Massive Fail, Ancient Mummy DNA, Seed Spitting Goats, Pizza Fish, Kissing Macaques, The Methylome, Waste Not Water, Tasting Water, And Much More…

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Sometimes you have it.
Sometimes you don’t.
Sometimes things happen as a direct result of your actions.
Sometimes things happen despite you.
Sometimes you feel like you are the wind.
Sometimes you are a leaf blowing at its mercy.
Sometimes people make decisions that you disagree with.
Sometimes those decisions won’t affect you,
but will affect your children and theirs.
Sometimes, for a moment, you feel powerless.
But, I’d like to remind you that you do have control.
You make choices for yourself.
You choose the path you follow.
You choose your own adventure.
You choose who to follow.
You choose to elect people you think will make the right choices for your grandchildren.
You choose evidence over fear.
You choose to be here for
This Week in Science.
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This Week in What Has Science Done For Me Lately…
“I have always been in awe of early societies and how they figured out solutions to problems that made their lives better. Such as, how to manipulate materials to be used in a manner that gave them shelter, protection and tools. I have been working with leather for 30 years and the science behind the tanning of the skin of an animal to be used for shelter and clothing makes me proud to be part of the family. Tanning was a huge jump that allowed our species to live in colder climates. My distant family used all the sciences, physic, chemistry, engineering and probably good old fashioned,”let Mikey try it he will eat anything,” trial and error method of testing.

Science has given me a living and I am here.
–Minion Dan

Interview w/ Bill Schutt–
Bill Schutt is a biology professor at LIU Post and a research associate in residence at the American Museum of Natural History. Schutt has published over two dozen peer-reviewed articles on topics ranging from terrestrial locomotion in vampire bats to the precarious, arboreal copulatory behavior of a marsupial mouse. His research has been featured in Natural History magazine as well as The New York Times, Newsday, The Economist, and Discover magazine. Schutt currently serves on the board of directors of the North American Society for Bat Research. We spoke with Bill about his first book, Dark Banquet: Blood and the Curious Lives of Blood-Feeding Creatures, and after not too many years we are pleased to welcome him back to the show to discuss his latest non-fiction work, ‘Cannibalism: A Perfectly Natural History‘.

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Juno Science?
Science results are in from Jupiter’s Juno mission, and Jupiter is, well… weird.


Off Kilter Enceladus
A new analysis suggests that Enceladus might have been knocked off-axis at some point in the past.

Groundwater On Mars
Gale crater has signs of water much longer than previously believed, expanding the possible window for the development of life on the red planet.

Massive Fail
Could be a big win for astronomers! It’s possible astronomers have witnessed, for the first time, the birth of a black hole from a failed supernova.

Genome data from ancient Egyptian mummies
Yup, you read that right. Mummies have genetic secrets to tell.

Tree-climbing goats spit out seeds for science!
The famous tree-climbing goats of Morocco disperse seeds by spitting them out. This bad habit may explain how ruminants who are quite good at breaking down large seeds contribute to their habitat.

What does a piece o’ pizza and fish fin have in common?
That bend you make to get the cheesy goodness into your mouth could also prevent fish from being too floppy!

Kissing macaques
IS A TERRIBLE IDEA! Don’t think that macaques is sending out friendly signals of love. It will probably bite you.

The Methylome
Scientists are figuring out a new way to modify organisms without affecting the genes. This new study tracks the methylation marks on the rice genome to enable epigenetic modification.

Waste Not, want not
Let’s all agree to call it water resource reclamation instead of wastewater treatment, shall we?

How Many Taste Buds?
Looks like there might be 6th taste sense thanks to a new study in Nature Neuroscience that found taste receptors in the mouth that respond to water.

Cannabis For Epilepsy
When given CBD as a treatment for Dravet Syndrome, children had almost 50% fewer seizures in a month.

Beauty And Science
People think unattractive people do better science.

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