01 April, 2015 – Episode 508 – This Week in Science


Alzheimer’s Science, Singing Mice, Mass Extinction A’Comin?, No-mo-squito, Ants… In… Space!, Couch Potato Ants, Rat Pain Faces, Martian Springs, Darker Matters, Fat To Brain, Mind-Reading For Movement, A Conscious Robot?, Many Shapes, And Much More…

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This Week in Science…
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Alzheimer’s Science
Two recent studies suggest powerful, but quite different paths to treating Alzheimer’s disease.

Singing Mice
Male mice sing ultrasonic vocalizations to females: complex songs when the girls are not present, and longer, but simpler when there in person.

Mass Extinction Warning Signs?
The world’s oceans are warming up, and holding less oxygen, making them less hospitable to life. Past similarities in our Earth’s history led to massive extinction events. Also, sea lions are dying by the droves. Are they our canary?

Will advancing genetic editing technology lead to the demise of the mosquito as researchers remove their ability to reproduce in an effort to fight disease around the world?

Ants… In… Space!
In an effort to understand the enigma that is ant communication, scientists shot some into space. They didn’t learn much about that, but they did figure out that ants have trouble completing tasks in a weightless environment… duh?

Couch potato ants
Some ants in the big apple prefer fatty and sugary human foods – while others appear to be on a health kick…

Rats recognize pain in others
Or rather, flee from it. Rats can recognize the faces f rats in pain, and avoid areas where rats make that face, preferring instead areas where rats maintain a neutral expression.

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Martian Springs
Geological surface features on Mars suggest a past rich with clay soils and springs that bubbled forth as part of a water cycle.

Darker Matters
Dark matter interacts with dark matter less than thought.

Fat To Brain
It was shown for the first time that brown fat cells stimulate sensory nerves, and send messages to the brain.

Mind-Reading For Movement
New brain-computer-interfaces based on EEGs are making strides in controlling prosthetic limbs.

Lame memory for logos
How well could you draw the Apple logo from memory? Only one out of 85 college students in a recent study could do it right.

Many Shapes
Surprise, surprise… people came in all shapes and sizes throughout our evolutionary history.

A Conscious Robot?
Hector, the walking stick robot, is being fitted with new software that might give it insight into itself.

Tiny But Strong
Little bird flies 1500 miles in migration over ocean.

Pesticides and fish… again
This time not changing sex, but changing sexual strategy

Traffic lights save fossil fuels
My programming traffic lights to respond to drivers and traffic patterns, drive times could decrease, along with emissions.

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