04 May, 2016 – Episode 565 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


How Ketamine Lifts, Weight Loss Gains, Dinos And Dung Beetles, Traumatic Insemination, Interview w/ Dr. Amro Hamdoun from UCSD, Rok Runestone Re-Read, Rhino Seed Vault?, 1 Trillion Friends?, Robo-Clicker For Dogs, How To Boil Water On Mars, And Much More…

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Very recently in a galaxy right where you are now…
A new knowledge
It is a period of scientific discovery…
A Science-y podcast, striking from a hidden studio,
has done their best to inform the public about current science knowledge.
During the podcast, the hosts managed to retell cutting edge news that could lead to breakthrough cures, advances in green technology and yes even a DEATH STAR, or super nova with enough power to destroy an entire planet…
several entire planets in fact if they happen to have been orbiting the star before it went super nova…
Pursued by the sinister agents of scientific ignorance, Princesses Kiki and Blair reach out from their podcast, custodians of the recent research that can save their people and restore informed thinking to the galaxy….
Also there will be lasers and robots and space craft and bizarre life forms and Justin mind tricks and much much more so May the 4th be with you here on…
This Week in Science
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How Ketamine Lifts
NIH funded scientists have found that Ketamine itself is not responsible for the depression-lifting effects of the drug, but rather a metabolite, which raises the possibility of creating a treatment for depression that doesn’t have the dissociative and tranquilizing effects of the original.

Weight Loss Gains
A study of contestants on The Biggest Loser found that after losing substantial weight on the show, the majority of individuals gained a lot of the weight back despite efforts to keep it off. Turns out that their bodies are working against them with metabolic rates that have slowed by about 500 calories a day compared to other people of their size.

Flowers, Dinos, and Dung beetles
Quite the evolutionary web woven from poo.

It’s Blair’s favorite reproductive strategy, back with a twist!
Traumatic insemination: this time it’s even more horrifying…
Twisted-winged parasites traumatically inseminate females… wait for it… while they reside inside another animal!!! Ewwwww!!!

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Interview with Dr. Amro Hamdoun from UCSD about the latest research from his lab.
A recent paper published in Science Advances by the Hamdoun lab found that persistent organic pollutants in the ocean accumulate in the tissues of tuna, and inhibit the cellular defenses of cells in humans and mice by binding with transport proteins essential for blocking chemicals from entering the body through the gut and other tissues.

Rok Runestone Re-read
Are ancient runes nothing more than a really old graffiti tag?

A seed vault, indeed!
A stunted family tree doesn’t necessarily have to be lights out for the species…

1 Trillion Friends?
A new analysis of the bacterial populization of the Earth estimates that there are between 100 billion and 1 trillion species on the planet… with fewer than 0.001 percent discovered.

Are we training our dogs wrong?
Or, in a rare twist, are we better at it than robots??? A computer pack on a harness on a dog was more consistent at rewarding desired behavior, but overall a little less accurate. Knowing what we do, is this the golgen ticket for animal training??

How To Boil Water On Mars
With an experiment on Earth, researchers have recreated the conditions on Mars, and shown that sub-surface boiling of briny water could produce streaks similar to those seen on the surface of Mars.

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