07 August, 2014 – Episode 475 – This Week in Science


Taking A Comet’s Temp, Taking A Comet’s Picture, Ebola Chat, Momtopus, Deliberate Jellyfish, Butterfly Memories, The Impossible Drive, Human Shields, Kinder Gentler Society, Reprogram Your Brain, And Much More…

Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer…
Despite the many versions that have come before… Humanity is
still in its beta testing mode…
The planetary and mental platform upon which everything is
being run… continues to prove itself unstable…
There are more bugs than there are people
More questions than there are solutions
And more societal glitches than there are political patches to keep the peace programs
from crashing
Thankfully, there are people attempting to maintain dedicated
service to a more stable world…
A world beyond bygone beta phase bugs, where an academically
administered alpha particle can be released to the benefit of all mankind
Scientists, programing a future of predictable performance
and dependable outcomes…
Despite all of this the will of course still be bugs crawling
about from time to time here on
This Week In Science…
Coming up Next.

Taking A Comet’s Temp
The comet is dusty.

Taking A Comet’s Picture
The ESA successfully completed a flyby of a comet this morning.

Ebola Chat
The Ebola outbreak is worsening. What is Ebola? What are the symptoms? And, what about vaccines and treatments?
Additional links:
WHO Factsheet

Deep Sea Octopus turns out to be Helicopter Mom
A species of deep sea octopus was discovered to brood over her eggs for four and a half years! Now that is a stay-at-home mom…

Butterflies remember the good ol days
Despite a catepillar essentially turning to soup inside its cuccoon, they can remember past experiences from its days as a larva.

Deliberate Jellyfish – Oxymoron?
Are the feeding strategies of jellyfish actually complex processes used also by supercomputers, or is it all just dumb luck?

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The Impossible Drive
NASA related engineers tested a model of what is called the “Em-Drive”, and found an anomoly that deserves further testing. Is this story another FTL neutrino or cold fusion thrill from the media?

Some monkeys use humans as human shields
Monkeys being studied by researchers were less concerned with being eaten by big cats when the humans were present.

Kinder Gentler Society
Looking at human skulls, we became more social and cooperative as our faces lost the testosterone edge.

Reprogram Your Brain
…with electromagnetic stimulation!

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