13 January, 2016 – Episode 549 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


Rumors On Waves, CRISPR Alert, The Anthropocene Arrives, Fuzzy Memory, PBS Sanity, Spiteful Little Monkeys, 3D Mantis Science, Selecting Your Sperm, Giant Canyon!, Estrogen Fights Flu, Interview w/ William Dichtel, And Much More!

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Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!
Tonight we are entering into a new phase of the show…
As I speak a highly suggestive, albeit entirely subjective test is taking place…
We have added to the broadcast a brain wave frequency
that is engineered to elicit a response from our listeners…
This frequency is based on the culmination of decades of
research into brainwave patterns…
Selected for our test is a very unique pattern that seems to be present in most mammals,
and an occasional member of the bird family including the
barn owl, the common crow,
and the blue-footed booby…  
also certain cephalopods have been known to respond…
The frequency cannot be heard by your ears,
will not disrupt your listening pleasure…
And the response we are attempting to elicit will not cause you any harm…
Though if you are driving or operating heavy machinery you may want to
pay close attention to what you are doing because
it’s time once again for
This week in science..
Coming up next.

Rumors On Waves
Rumors are rushing through the interwebs this week about evidence of gravitational waves being discovered. We must repeat that rumors are not science. We will wait for the evidence to be officially released before jumping to conclusions.

Not all CRISPR work has to do with gene-editing. Reearchers recently published work using CRISPR to identify gene enhancers invovled in cancer pathways. Understanding where these enhancers are and how they influence cellular death or division is essential to moving forward with treatments for various forms of cancer.

The Anthropocene Arrives
A new paper by an International team of scientists presents evidence to support the idea that a new geological epoch has begun — one that is powered by people — the Anthropocene.

Here’s to the FF’ing memories…
The brain uses different frequencies to encode various patterns of activity. Researchers think they have discovered the frequency for memory, and how it explains memory’s faults.

Why PBS is keeping us sane…
National public television seems to lead to a more thoughtful populous.

Monkeys can feel spite, and act on it, as we all wish we could
Capuchin monkeys punsihed those that received a disproportionate amount of food, without having been provoked. Don’t we all want to slap a lobster out of someone’s hands on occasion? No, just me?

3D glasses… for insects… for science?
By fitting preying mantises with teeny tiny 3D glasses, scientists were able to figure out how bugs see in three dimentions, potentially leading to better visual processors for computers and robots. Also, they look super cool.

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WillDichtelInterview with chemist and MacArthur Fellow, Dr. William Dichtel, on his recently published Nature paper reporting a new material for water purification.

Aaaand, more science news:
Selecting your sperm
A new method makes sorting out male and female sperm cheap, easy, and quick. For laboratory animals and selective breeding, of course… What could go wrong??

Giant Canyon!
It’s in Antarctica and bigger than the Grand Canyon. Should we call it the Grander Canyon?

Estrogen Fights Flu
Women are better protected from the flu because of estrogen.

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