16 November, 2016 – Episode 593 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


CRISPR For Humans, CO2 You Know, Bacterial Control, Cockatools, Personality And Pigs, Underwater Archeology, Math And Coffee, Anti Bacterial Humans, Tickling Rats, Bird Poop Cooling, And Much More!!!

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Disclaimer! Disclaimer! Disclaimer!
There is a difference…
Between what we want to see in this world…
And what we sometimes get…
Reality it seems,
is a result oriented endeavor.
There are moments in time when we can effect change
Moments when we can simply observe the results of change
And moments in which we are changed by the result
When change is heading your way,
as it often does,
you have two basic choices to make:
Let that change effect you
Or change your affect in the world…
If you change the way you interact with reality
Knowing that it is a result oriented endeavor…
The world you want to see
Can be the result you made happen
And sometimes that can make all the difference in the world
And what better result of reality could there be than…
This Week In Science,
Coming Up Next…

CRISPR For Humans
The first human trial of a CRISPR therapy has begun in China. Researchers are injecting edited cells into cancer patients to determine whether the treatment is received safely, and whether it allows the patients to fight off the cancer.

CO2 You Know
Global emissions of CO2 stayed steady for the third year in a row in 2016. However, atmospheric CO2 continued to rise, mainly because El Nino conditions decreased possible carbon sinks in the terrestrial biosphere. In fact, an assessment found that no country is currently reducing CO2 emissions fast enough to keep us below a 2 degree global temperature increase.

Diabetes and the gut…
The immune system uses gut bacteria to control glucose metabolism, which could have important ramifications for the treatment of some Type 2 Diabetes.

Bird brains: the gift that keeps on giving
Cockatoos can fashion tools out of multiple items, despite not using tools in the wild. This indicates that perhaps the birds picture what they need before making it. Bird-brained, indeed!!

Pigs have lots of personality
Pigs act differently and have more pessimistic or optimistic tendencies, depending on their individual personality. This means we may have to throw out some findings based on the assumption that individuals within species will act the same given certain stimuli.

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Underwater Archeology
This will be how we are found someday…

Math And Coffee
In the search for the perfect cuppa, mathematicians have simplified the equation describing the coffee brewing process.

Anti Bacterial Humans
A new method of discovering antibiotics finds a very promising one in an unlikely place.

Tickling Rats…
For science.

Bird Poop Cooling
Bird poop physically and chemically cools the Arctic, but not enough to negate warming trends.

The speediest in all the land
A bat is now the fastest at horizontal flight, reaching up to 160 km per hour!

Badass snails hit rivals with their shells!
Totally metal.

FTC Votes Science
New rules for the marketing of OTC homeopathic products were released by the FTC, finding many misleading in their claims of efficacy, and recognizes “that an OTC homeopathic drug claim that is not substantiated by competent and reliable scientific evidence might not be deceptive if the advertisement or label where it appears effectively communicates that: 1) there is no scientific evidence that the product works; and 2) the product’s claims are based only on theories of homeopathy from the 1700s that are not accepted by most modern medical experts.”

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