16 October, 2019 – Episode 743 – Science on the Brain


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Good Energy News, Organoid Brain Development, Sea Captain Neanderthal?, Smarty Pigs, Nocturnal Sperm?, Brain Space!, Cool Dinosaurs, Bloody Concussions, Long Live The Brain, Brain Disruptions, Vaccine For Cats, Whispering Whales, Lineman Lessons, And Much More…

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The world is not always as it appears to be!
But more often than not…
it is exactly as it appears.

The rain falls down from the sky like rain and
The sun shines with the brightness of the sun
The fog was as thick as a thick fog

Sometimes putting all your eggs in one basket is just an efficient way of collecting eggs

And, while not every wasteland is vast…
(there are modest wastelands as well you know.)
A rose can be as red as a rose, wherever red roses are found.

Still, there are some places in the world where the world as you find it can be full of surprises.

The world of dumpster diving!
Or more to the theme of this show, the world of science.

Finding the world as it is, describing it as you find it,
Without analogy, or simile or cliche exaggeration…

Can be more inspiring than a poetic interpretation of unicorns in heat.

Science is the art of revealing a thing as it is
And in that spirit we bring you a show about this week’s science news that we call…

This week in science,
Coming Up Next…

Let’s talk about science!

Good Energy News
In both the UK and the US, renewable energies are starting to outpace traditional fossil fuels. Let’s keep it up!

Organoid Brain Development
An organoid study tells a tale of developmental differences between chimps and humans.

Neanderthals of the Aegean Sea
Di they have boats?

And, now it’s time for Blair’s Animal Corner!

Those are some pigs!!
Pigs in a zoo are observed using tools to dig a pit. Is this a fluke? Probably not.

Why are most mammals nocturnal?
Once again, it all boils down to sperm.

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This Week in What Has Science Done for me Lately?!?

“Hi TWIS crew,
I have a contribution for “”What has science done for me lately””.

I started collecting and enjoying houseplants around my home earlier this year. This Spring and Summer were different from usual in that, anecdotally, my own seasonal allergies and those of my kids were dramatically reduced to the point of only being thought of a few day rather than weeks of puffy eyes and runny noses.

Whether it’s the plants filtering contaminants or the soil containing somehow beneficial microbes (like the ones you guys discussed about people in rural environments in a May episode) I can’t do more than speculate on, but what I can say is that through a variety of scientific pursuits, from botany to aviation to computers that run the nursery’s inventory and ordering, I’m been able to enjoy foliage from around the world without leaving my little corner.

From the peace lily of Southeast Asia, to the monstera of Central America, to the prayer plant which moves its leaves daily following the sun from Brazil, all without leaving my Sacramento apartment.

Thank you science for fueling my curiosity and my hobby.
–Jacob Evans”

Let us know what science has done for you lately, and we will read it on the show!

Now, let’s continue with SCIENCE NEWS!…

Brain space!
Why our brains are bigger than their skull britches.

Cool Dinosaurs
It’s not just T-Rex, lots of dinosaurs had unique designs to cool their brains.

Concussions may not be as unnerving as we thought…
A study found greater signs of blood vessel damage than nerve damage after performing post-mortem scans

Long Live The Brain
Apparently, too much excitation in the brain leads to earlier mortality.

Brain Disruptions
In epilepsy, high frequency oscillations in brain activity derail cognitive thought, but might point a way to future treatments.

Vaccine For Cats
I mean against cat allergies… for cats.

Dog kibble measuring is hard…
Based on the measuring utensil, the amount of dog kibble owners pour out for their dog can vary wildly, surprising no one at all…

Whispering whales. Shhh…
Mother right whales speak in hushed tones to their bebe, and not just cause it’s sweet.

Football linemen need jazzercize
Stay active, people!

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