19 September, 2013 – Episode 432 – This Week in Science


The BRAIN, Seeing The Tangles, Charting Antibiotic Resistance, Bugs In The Water, Toxo Forever, Eavesdropping Birds, Underwater Monogamy, Touch The Plants, The Air Is Alive, Lengthen Your Life, And Much More…

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The BRAIN!!!
News on how NIH plans to spend its share of money from Obama’s BRAIN Initiative for research on the brain.

Seeing The Tangles
Using a special molecule for binding, scientists were able to image the extent of Tau protein tangling in the brains of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. This techniques has the potential for aiding in early diagnosis of the disease.

Charting Antibiotic Resistance
Bad news for people. While MRSA is now more under control than in years past, other bacterial species continue to pose problems for public health as they gain antibiotic resistance.

Blood test for respiratory infection?
A new, rapid blood test successfully discerned whether individuals were infected by a virus or bacterium.

Blair’s Animal Corner
Eavesdropping birds
Loner Birds eavesdrop to stay alive.

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Coelacanths are monogamous!
These ancient fishes are loyal to their lover.

Water Plus Heat Equals Biology
The building blocks for life are everywhere. Important amino acids might form when comets hit our atmosphere, according to a recent study.

Alien life?
Or, hoping too much? We think this study might be a stretch.

Lengthen Your Telomeres Naturally?
Don’t read too much into this study, but researchers found a healthy lifestyle led to an increase in telomere length in a small study of men.

Touchy-Feely Plants
Touching plants helps keep them healthy! So go ahead, grope your plants…

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