25 October, 2017 – Episode 642 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


Antimatter Matters, CRISPR Pigs!, Medieval Lepracy Squirrels, Shrunken Heads!, Once Upon A Spider Sex, Radioactive Zombie Plastic, Mass Biodiversity Boom?, Bacteria Evolve, Robotic Bees, Daydreaming…, Chury Pebbles, Gun Show Spillover, Spider Venom VR, Stem Cells For Vampires, And Much More…

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As darkness falls across the land
The science hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of studies
To analyze all that research un-muddies
And whichever stories shall be found
Will fill the airwaves with such a sound
Antimatter, CRISPR Pigs,
Jumping Spiders, Shrunken heads…
Medieval leprosy spread by squirrels
Give evolved microbes, spider venom a whirl,
radioactive zombie plastics forming tombs,
Robobees, you’ll hear real soon.
And though you might not hear it live
Your mind will shiver,
hope you survive
For no mere mortal can resist
The science news here on TWiS!
This Week in Science
Halloween Edition…
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This Week in What Has Science Done for me Lately?!?
“It allowed me to share my experience at eclipse totality with my on-line friends:
-Selden McCabe”

Antimatter Matters
No differences in magnetism.

Now with less fat! Using CRISPR technology, researchers designed pigs to burn more fat for body temperature regulation in cold environments in the hope that the improved piglets can save farmers money on heating bills.

Medieval Leprosy Squirrels
Squirrels were probably responsible for spreading leprosy in the medieval age.

Shrunken Heads!
Shrew noggins shrink in winter, skull, brain, and all. But why?? And how?? And eww…

Jumping Spider females say, “one and done, mister!”
Jumping spider females have no interest in copulation after the first time. Is that because once is enough? Or once was one too many times?

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Radioactive Zombie Plastic
Gamma rays make recycling plastic into concrete a breeze!

Mass Biodiversity Boom?
A controversial book has emerged arguing that we are not necessarily on the verge of another mass extinction.

Bacteria Evolve
68,000 generations later, what are the E. coli in Richard Lenski’s lab up to?

Robotic Bees
These amazing robots are buzzing flight powerhouses!

Chury Pebbles
Data from the Rosetta mission to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko (aka Chury) suggests that planetisemals form from pebbles of dust and ice that collect due to gravitational forces.

Losing your mind is a good sign
Daydreaming is a possible sign of intelligence!

Gun Show Spillover
Guns shows in Nevada resulted in spikes in gun related deaths and injuries in California.

Suicide For Cancer
In a series of studies researchers have found short RNA sequences that can be used to interfere with cancer cell survival by triggering cell suicide pathways.

Stem Cells For Frailty
Successful Phase I and II trials for treatment of age-related frailty with stem cell infusions derived from younger individuals suggest the therapy might be worth further study.

Spider venom, pain management, and virtual reality
This Halloween, strap on some goggles, explore the human brain, and get bit by lots of spiders… For science!!

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