25 September, 2014 – Episode 482 – This Week in Science


Ebola Set To Increase, Trees Are Unique Flowers, Black Holes Don’t Exist, Polyandry Without Promiscuity, Jealous Spider Lovers, Narwal Tuskiness, Interview w/ Mark McCaffrey of NCSE, Cut Grass Smell, Animals In Bushes, Cement Emissions, 2000 Liters, MAVEN Inserted, Quantum Transportation, Read A Book, And Much More…

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In my body
I am bones and muscles
heart and lungs
vessels and intestines.
I am nerves and brain
senses and thoughts.
In my body
I feel my aches and pains
soft caresses.
I hear breath and beats
song and words.
I see light and color
frequency reflected.
I taste sweet and sour
bile and blood.
I imagine dreams and dragons
hopes and fears.
In my body
I am my shadow
dark in light.
I am the things I reach for
the things I touch.
In my body
I am me
I am my family
I am the world.
I am…
This Week in Science! Coming up next…

Ebola Set To Increase
Cases could reach 500,000 to more than a million by 2015.

Trees Are Unique Flowers
Research suggests that each tree species is host to a unique bacterial population.

Black Holes Don’t Exist
A physicist has mathematically determined that black holes do not form when massive stars die.

Earth Water Old
A recent analysis find much of Earth’s water was formed in interstellar space before the formation of the Sun.

Polyandry without promiscuity
Mice confuse paternal lines without having multiple partners, by sharing their nest with other lady-mice, and therefore preventing infanticide. Smart?!

Spiders are jealous lovers
Spiders guarded young females until they reached maturity so they could have first crack…. Aww?

Narwhal tusks are just for looks
They are due to sexual selection and not defense. Surprise, surprise…

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Interview with Mark McCaffrey, NCSE Programs and Policy director, and author of the recently released book, Climate Smart and Energy Wise.

That Fresh Cut Grass Smell
The odor of freshly cut grass might also be a signal for help that attracts beneficial insects to help protect the vegetation from attack.

All species prefer an unmown bush
Grass au-naturel is better for everyone, acording to a new study…

2000 Liters Of Beer
Xanthohumol, a flavonoid in beer, aids cognition in young but not old mice.

MAVEN Inserts
Into the upper atmosphere of Mars.

Quantum Transportation
25 kilometers is a long way, yo.

Reading real books is good for you
Reading a real-life book helps your memory, your emotional state, and your sleep patterns. Sorry, kindle…

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