30 November, 2016 – Episode 595 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


Weird Quantum Space, Space Eyes, Lucy In The Sky, Not Dead Yet, Old Genes, What The Frack?, Skin You’re In, We All Gots Bugs, CRISPR Cures Hemophilia, Boiling Water, Life Choices, And Much More!!!

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The future of fighting over fresh water has arrived.
We see it happening now in North Dakota, and the rules are pretty simple.
If you have influence over government, your water supply will be safe.
If you do not, it will not be safe…
it won’t even be yours.
An oil pipeline was set to pass near the city of Bismarck North Dakota…
Some town folk complained,
and the Army Corp of Engineers deemed this route too endangering of public water ways.
They called it a “high consequence area”,
so it was moved to an assumed “low consequence area”
Through an area of fresh water used by Native Sioux people…
Since the Army Corp of Engineers flooded much of Sioux land and towns with dams to provide water for people elsewhere in the past…
this came as no surprise to the Sioux.
The current path follows the reservation border with an environmental disaster in waiting.
And, since it passes under their source of drinking water,
the situation can only get worse.
And, is what we can expect to see more of going forward everywhere in this country…
As public water rights give way to private influence…
The phrase not in my backyard…
only works when you have political influence.
Without it, we all will have to give up water rights to those who do.
And there are two things none of us can live without…
Clean water…
And This Week in Science
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Weird Quantum Space
Measurements of a neutron star seem to have measured polarized light suggestive of weird quantum particles in space.

Space Eyes
Astronaut vision problems might be related to cerebraospinal fluid leaking into the eye cavity and increasing the intra-ocular pressure there.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds…
Maybe Lucy swung from the trees.

The Great Barrier Reef is far from “dead.”
But it does need our help, ASAP!

Corals are much older than we thought
Thousands of years old, in fact.

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What the frack?
Never too late to begin learning… researchers are trying to understand the forces at work during the fracking process.

Skin You’re In
A new analysis of the shape of skin cells might have a lot to tell us about what happens when things go wrong.

We all gots bugs
Very individualized populations of them.

CRISPR Cures Hemophilia
In mice, researchers have used a two-vector system to specifically return the function of a clotting protein in Hemophilia B.

Boiling Water
If you put water into carbon nanotubes, turns out that you can solidify water at a temperature higher than boiling!

Grow, or have sex and die??
The age old question. But now we know who is calling the shots, at least in bristleworms!

Magnetically Reconnecting
Magnetic field lines break apart and reconnect violently causing such effects as solar flares and gamma ray bursts. Understanding how the process works will help create better tokamaks for sustainable nuclear fusion.

Here LIGO!
LIGO announced it is back doing science runs after receiving engineering upgrades that have increased its sensitivity by 25%.

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