08 August, 2012 – Episode 426 – This Week in Science


Not Animal Style, C-Section Babies Lack Bacteria, Malaria Vaccine Successes, Spiderman Is Real, Sea Star Stomachs, Fishy Fins And Human Hands, Solar Flip, Pink Planet For Girls, Chocolate Sunblock, Exerciser Breathalyzer, Butt Vs Face, And Much More…

Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer!!!
Science does a lot of good things for people…
Innovations in technology, from big screen tv’s, computers, smartphones, and refrigeration to the hybrid automobile, and vehicle stability systems that prevent cars losing traction when cornering too quickly…
Were made possible through science.
Our ability to feed the world population, fend off and defeat diseases, ease the suffering of the injured, and build homes that withstand all but the worst natural disaster, is only possible through science
The knowledge that makes fertile…
the barren womb, the arid plain and the inventors imagination…
Comes to us only though science
The view of the cosmos that has gone far beyond gazing at twinkling lights at night and now encompasses planets, stars, black holes and billions of galaxies… from the big bang to robots on mars… would not be knowable or doable without science
What a wonderful thing indeed this science has been for us modern humans
And what new wonders does it have in store?
Thankfully we don’t have long to wait for the answer to that question because its…
This Week in Science… coming up next

Science Redux
Animal-less Meat Burger

Babies, Bacteria, And C-Section

Early Trial Malaria Success

Blair’s Animal Corner
SpiderMan is Real!!!
Jumping spiders use silk threads to steer and aid with a smooth landing. The video is terrifying – it’s a must watch.

Sea Star Stomachs – say that five times fast!
Scientists have discovered the molecule responsible for sea star’s unusual feeding mechanism. Now, will the information be used for good or evil?!

Of Fish Fins And Human Hands

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Let’s talk about pain
Crustacean Screams
Human development and abortion

Space headlines of interest
Solar Flip
Pink Planet For Girls

Chocolate And Sunburn

Breathalyzer For Burn

Butt Vs. Face

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