09 December, 2015 – Episode 544 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


Indie CRISPR Hacking w/ Josiah Zayner, Future Toxo Cure, Faulty Tardigrade Study?, Short Versus Long, Girl Complications, Tallness And Telomeres, Killer Kiwis, Cannibal Hippos, Metal Power!, Correlation Crazy, We Aren’t Holograms, And Much More!

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We started the show with NASA synthetic biologist Josiah Zayner who has slam-dunked an IndieGogo campaign to create DIY CRISPR kits for home use. It’s pretty provocative stuff. Let us know what you think. Did you order a kit?

Meanwhile, the international gene-editing community holds off on editing human DNA.

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Toxo has a cure!!!
Not now, but it may someday thanks to recent findings by Australian researchers into the living habits of human-infecting T. gondii.

Faulty Tardigrade Study?
A second paper by a different research team casts a doubtful light on the amazing findings of last week’s tardigrade study.

Short Versus Long
Rats and songbirds abilities to perform behavioral tasks are impaired differently depending upon whether they recieved brain lesions to a specific brain area or if that brain area was only transiently affected, suggesting that off-target effects might explain some research results in optogenetics and related efforts.

The love hormone may be different for girls
Female mice became less social and less engaged when given oxytocin, whereas for men, the hormone makes them less stressed and the life of the party. This is a good reminder that hormones should ALWAYS be tested on both genders!

Look, ma! No telomeres!
Scientists may have finally figured out why the towering Toms never live as long: your DNA has been working so hard duplicating to make you extra tall, that your telomeres have shrunken down to nothing. Maybe being big isn’t so great?

Kiwis: Tiny, flightless savages
For the first time ever, kiwis have been observed kicking robins out of their nest, leaving them to fall to ther doom. But why?

Shocking news from Africa: hippos may eat meat!!
Hippos may be more like their cousins the whales afterall…

A couple of corrolated studies…
Alcohol tax lowers STD’s and +size models make girls fat

Metal Power!
Imagine a car with no need for gas. Scientists are suggesting an iron powered external combustion engine with no CO2 released into the atmosphere. Still just an idea, we could use all the creative solutions people can come up with…

We Aren’t Holograms
An experiment at FermiLab has come up empty-handed for evidence supporting the Holographic Principle.

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