09 September, 2015 – Episode 531 – This Week in Science (TWIS)


Far Away Galaxies, Common Structures, Magnetic Wormholes, Golden Science, Metal-Eating Microbes, Froggy Love Songs, Froggy Sex Mess, New Reef discovery, Midwife Magic, Baby Brains, Monkey Brains, Sisters For Rhinos, Irreproducible Results, Life Makes Clouds, Life Kills Life, And Much More…

Disclaimer Disclaimer Disclaimer…
The world of man is a world of bias…
Be it racial, gender, political, body type, age, height,
birth nation or religious affiliation…
Bias abounds… and as the new NFL season approaches,
it’s peak bias season for the world of Football
And in football we can see clearly the bias of hope
that comes with rooting for the home team.
32 teams begin to do battle this week…
Each will play 16 games in their attempt to be the best.
No matter how well one team does, or how poorly another performs.
The league average will be 8 wins and 8 losses… a tie or two doesn’t change that much.
That’s just how math works, the NFL is no exception.
And yet, collective polling across the sport found home team
fans predicting an average of nearly 10 wins per team.
Journalists assigned to certain teams faired a little better
at about 9 wins per team…
Either way the sports fans and the experts are bound to be
at least a little disappointed on average…
But in science we seek to find answers unbiased by man…
The scientific method is designed to allow us to see a world
simply as it is…
As complicated as that can get…
In labs around the world, results are only as good as their
methods and methods are only as ggod as their execution… in science, it’s the
system, not the team or individual players that matter…
That is until game day… when research results light up the
TWIS-o-Tron, the fans go wild and a cheerleader starts a chant of…
This Week In Science…
Coming up next.

Far Away Galaxies
500 million years after the Big Bang, there were possibly 10 times as many primordial galaxies previously estimated, according to a new analysis of light from the Hubble telescope.

Common Structures
An analysis of protein interactions has found common structure and interactions across species for over 1000 proteins, showing the common blueprint for all kinds of structures.

Magnetic Wormholes
So, they aren’t really wormholes, but rather devices wherein the path between magnetic monopoles is magnetically undetectable.

Science is golden…
New use for gold in discovering pathogenic dna

Metal Eating microbes = life on earth?

Froggy Love is Complicated
Female tungara frogs know what they like, and have no problem evaluating which suitor is best. Until, that is, you give them a choice between 3 instead of 2. Suddenly they do not pick the best option – but why?!

Female Frogs on the Upturn
Feminization of frogs isn’t just in industrial areas, they also seem to be on the rise in areas with suburban gardens, meaning their endocrine system may be way more sensitive than we thought

Newly discovered reef rivals great barrier
This new reef could have a greater biodiversity than the famous Great Barrier Reef – which just proves what wonders still wait to be discovered in the deep blue…

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The value of midwifery
C-Section rates drop when midwives are made available.

Baby Brains
Recording from baby heads, scientists find that different areas of the motor and ensory cortex are activated by touch, movement, and viewing of others.

Monkey Brains
Researchers found evidence that the macaque brain is set up to connect face-detecting brain areas with other information and emotion processing areas, suggesting that the human ability to infer emotions goes way back.

Sisters are doing it on their own… For rhinos!
Mostly female anti-poaching unit wins UN environmental prize

Reproducing results of climate change denier studies…
It doesn’t work.

Ocean Cloud Life
Photosynthetic organisms in the oceans release compounds into the atmosphere that cause cloud formation.

Critters Created Catastrophe
The burst of life during the Cambrian explosion possibly gave rise to the first mass extinction the world saw with the death of the Ediacarians.

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