11 July, 2013 – This Week in Science


Linear Higgs, 4 Quark Mystery, Blitzars and Blue Planets, Human Language Is Old, Sharks Are Awesome, Cat Poop, Dark Matter Ponderings, Battling The Bugs, Life In Vostok, Moth Sex, Sphinxes, And Much More…

Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer!!!
The world around us is filled with information.
Quantitative, qualitative, subjective and objective data swirl around us in every instant of our conscious daily activities…
From mental meandering over the myriad of detailed minutia that are present in each moment of observation…
To the less conscious calculations of the motor cortex, predictively plotting fleshy limb travel through landscapes of gravity, trajectory, distance and time…
We reason, we reduce, we reuse and recycle rational and irrational judgments in algorithmic responses to our allegorical reality…
We don’t know everything, can’t know everything of this world in the real time flow with which it unfolds…
So overwhelmingly abundant is the potential amount of sensory and cognitive input we could be putting into our brains that the brain refrains from putting up with much of it at all… and instead filters out much and narrows down some until a refined sense of knowing some things about the world is what we ultimately allow to be put into our head…
And so we must gesticulate our bodies and minds through time and space with a great deal of generalized guessing… mostly make-ity-upping the world as we go a long…
The only thing that it can be said we know of reality with any measure of certainty
The only fact our minds can with crystal clarity and concrete conviction rely upon in this un-correlative data collection of swirling chaos and cosmic uncertainty
The only truth before us that can truly be said to be self-evident is
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One word. Blitzars.
Maybe they explain FRBs?

Blue planets don’t always mean water
Sometimes they mean the air is made of liquid glass.

Sharks! smart and sneaky

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Dark matters to ponder
Where is it?

Cat poop problem
There is way too much of it. And, it’s full of Toxo.

Beating disease!
Mosquito disease on the run
A second pesticide receptor discovered that might be useful in the ever escalating war against malaria.
Vaccine for birds
A potential vaccine for West Nile virus created.
Blocking disease with gene therapy
Two tales of success!

Life in Vostok?
The answer so far is YES!

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