11 July, 2018 – Episode 678 – This Week in Science (TWIS) Podcast


Driving Genes, Fixing CRISPR, Ancient Chinese Secret, Dark Matter Hunt, Longer Native Story, Dogs Of America, Snorting Horses, Better Brains, Oxygen Teeter Totter, African Origins, Asteroidal Planetoids, HIV Vaccine, And Much More…

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Driving Genes
A research team from UCSD reported the first demonstration of successful gene drive in mammals.
Chemists might have discovered why CRISPR makes mistakes.

Ancient Chinese secret…
Human ancestors might have lived in Asia far earlier than previously assumed.

Dark Matter Hunt
A scientist wants to look at minerals to find dark matter traces.

Ever more evidence for a longer native American history
Ancient tools suggest humans were active in the Americas up to 16,000 years ago.

Dogs Of America
They weren’t from America.

Snorting horses be happy horses
Pretty much all there is to it.

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This Week in What Has Science Done for me Lately?!?
“Hello Dr. Kiki, Blair and Justin. Science has been doing a lot for me lately. Multiple sclerosis has been prevalent in my family. I recently had gone to see a neurologist at Mayo Clinic and they checked to see if I indeed have multiple sclerosis myself because I had been exhibiting a fair amount of symptoms. I am still awaiting the test results but I know that science has made progress in the understanding of multiple sclerosis and it is not quite as scary as it once had been so even if I do have it I will be okay because I believe in science allowing me to live a normal life nevertheless with the help of immunosuppressive therapies and so on.
–Logan Fette”

15 minutes to a better brain
Exercise post learning leads to better learning.

Oxygen Teeter Totter
Apparently, oxygen levels did some adjusting prior to reaching levels that were conducive to the explosion of life on the planet.

African origins were a multi cultural affair
It was a truly braided stream of humans.

Asteroidal Planetoids
The asteroid belt might be the remnants of 5 planets.

HIV Vaccine
One of 5 HIV vaccines has successfully completed a Phase 1 safety trial. Next step is to test efficacy of protection.

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