12 April, 2017 – Episode 614 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


More Melting, Whence Came The Virus?, Early Dino Discovery, Elephant Smarts, Bee-ing Smart, Bacterial Protection?, Sperm Vs. Cancer!, Electromagnetic Shock, Young Poo For Old Fish, Editable Octopus, And Much More!!!

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They seem to be everywhere these days…
And while we watch their hopes and dreams,
Fears and flaws play out across the globe..
The wider world is waiting…
The world of everything that is not human…
That world that has been watching the activities of hairless apes
Sometimes with curiosity…
Too often in horror…
The world is watching, waiting, for humans to strike a balance
To find a niche within the greater earthling community
And while the wayward activities of the hairless apes shows little sign of slowing…
There are some promising signals…
As some of the brighter ones begin to understand,
That within the mysteries of how things work…
There is a lesson in longevity,
a logic to living within the balancing act of other life forms…
And so,
to get the word out to as many as possible,
we will take human form just long enough to bring you another episode of…
This Week In Science,
Coming Up Next…

Adopt the Planet!!!
Just sign up, and NASA will give you a little part of the Earth to call your own.

More Melting
Greenland’s glaciers might be at a much greater risk of melting thanks to a more in-depth analysis of the waters beneath the ice. Also, Canada has a freezer go on the fritz, which resulted in a puddle of ancient ice core water on the floor.

Whence Came The Virus?
We love the giant viruses, and a new one gives us a few more hints about their origin.

Early Dino Discovery
Part crocodile, part dino… this may be a missing link!

Bee-ing too smart could get you killed
If you are a bumblebee, that is.

Elephants are super smart!
They know they’re heavy, and they know where they are.

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Intestinal bacteria may protect against diabetes
Or, it might be the result of one of they compounds they produce.

Sperm Vs. Cancer!
Researchers have loaded sperm with iron so they can use magnets to drive them to uterine tumors.

An electrodynamic upset!
Maybe there are no monopoles in magnetism…

Young Poo For Old Fish
Just like it sounds, old fish that nibble on poo from youngsters are more likely to frolic.

Octopuses are evolving right before our eyes
But not the way you think…

Parasites In Hawaii
It’s not really an epidemic, but it is a concerning uptick in a dangerous, untreatable parasite.

Tree-Climbing Crabs!
Watch out for falling coconuts AND crabs!

Pink Floyd Shrimp
A pink claw gets this shrimp a name after a scientist’s favorite band.

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