13 April. 2016 – Episode 562 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


Breakthrough Starshot, Spaceship Bouncy House, Space X Win!, Clouds Need Ice, Bearcat Or Popcorn, Moths To Flame, Y No Meanders, LSD For Brains, Cure For Paralysis?, Vikings, Tilt-A-Whirl Earth, White Nose Hope, Immoral Scientists?, And Much More…

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Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer!
The following flow of information will pass through your ear holes
and nestle into your brain
where it may or may not set up a permanent residence.
While there is considerable risk of information retention,
that risk is not limited to what you are about to hear,
but may spread to other sources of information you seek out as a result of a condition
simply referred to by experts as “Curiosity”
What is more frightening and cause for alarm is that this same nestling of information and resultant Curiosity condition can occur with any form of information you allow to pass through your ear holes…
In light of the comparable damage you could be doing to yourself by instead listening to
political pontificating, or athletic event color commentary…
or economic reverse forecast mortgage stock tips…
or anything else with jingles, sales scams or useless product pitches…
Catching curiosity in any of these traps leads to certain and irrevocable doom…
So we think you have made the best possible by choice
and that only limited harm could come to you by tuning into
This Week in Science…
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Breakthrough Starshot
100 million dollars and a bunch of big names are teaming up to send a tiny space kite to Alpha Centauri by way of laser.

Spaceship Bouncy House
Space X’s Dragon capsule succesfully delivered supplies to the ISS last week. Among them, a new inflatable module for living and working.

Space X Win!
Finally, the Space X team successfully returned its booster rocket to the water-based landing pad with a landing that can only be called a perfect 10.

This Week in the end of the world…
Not enough ice in clouds = faster warming

Why do bearcats smell like popcorn? Or, why does popcorn smell like binturong pee?
A special compound, and just the right environmental factors, give these two things their mouth-watering taste.

Evolution moves fast. If you don’t stop and look around every once in a while, you might miss it.
Moths living in the city have learned to avoid light. That keeps them from getting fried, but it could also stop them from being such skilled pollinators…

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Y no neanderthals today…
The Y chromosome went the way of the dodos.

Another reason Neanders went away
Diseases aren’t nice.

LSD in the Brain
MRI imaging showed that the brain loses connectivity between areas important to “sense of self”, but other areas of the brain that are normally segregated become more integrated.

Chips in the Brain
A paralyzed guy with a chip in his head has demonstrated improved hand mobility thanks to a special device for bypassing his spinal injury.

they likely came to America before Columbus.

Tilt-a-whirl Earth
Water in the center of continents drives Earth’s wobble, according to a new analysis of evidence from the GRACE satellite.

There may be hope for tiny brown bats after-all.
Some are surviving, despite the white-nose menace. Even if it’s only 10%, it means bats may not end up extinct! Go go go, little bats!!!

Immoral Scientists
A series of 10 studies of people’s perceptions of scientists found that scientists are seen as robots valuing knowledge over all else, and that not only are scientists perceived as immoral, but capable of immoral actions.

Words For Snow
New evidence supports the idea that words reflect the culture of a place. Around the world, warmer cultures had fewer linguistic distinctions around the concepts of ice and snow than colder ones.

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