14 December, 2016 – Episode 597 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


Fearful Science, Climate Science, Run…, Sleep…, Big Headed Ladies, Sexy Stressors, Metaphorically Feeling, Disappearing Penis Bones, Testing Gravity, Glow Worm Pee, Talking Monkeys, And Much More!!!

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Disclaimer, Disclaimer, Disclaimer!!!
The following hour of programming is part of a Chinese conspiracy
to convince Americans that climate change is real…
We take marching orders from multiple left wing cabals within the United Nations.
We use the EPA to undermine corporate freedom.
We are professional agitators.
We are paid to protest.
Paid by aliens in order to further the expansion of the Illuminati new world order.
They pilot our black helicopters…
We faked the moon landing.
We invented evolution…
…made it up to ruin Christmas.
We planted fake dinosaur bones in the desert.
Sprinkled plaster parts of mythical hominins in caves across the globe.
All to back up our lies.
Like the voting booths, our ranks are full of dead people…
We infiltrated the department of energy to propagate our climate agenda.
We refuse to give you the names of climate researchers because,
Like the atoms, black holes, bosons, galaxies and everything else beyond your sight…
they do not exist…
we made them up.
You have been brain washed by us…
to believe in science…
Hypnotized into thinking that physics works…
Even now you are about to undergo another session of propaganda here on
This Week in Science…
coming up Next.

Fearful Science
Researchers are working to archive government databases before Trump becomes President. However, this has been an ongoing effort.

Arctic Pulse
Measuring seasonal emissions is important to understanding the forces driving climate change

Atmospheric Thermostat
Heating and cooling of the upper atmosphere is unexpectedly triggered by the same events.

NASA Visualizing CO2
A recent project by NASA used a supercomputer to combine data from a global CO2 monitoring satellite called OCO-2 with high resolution weather software to enable visualization of the movement of CO2 around the Earth. This is important to our understanding of the global carbon cycle.

It’s good for your brain.

It’s good for your brain.

Big Headed Ladies
Bigger headed females live longer and have more babies. Brain size had nothing to do with fitness for males, however…

The sexes really are different, turns out.
The sexes respond differently to stressors, proving once and for all that medicine and susceptibility should hold gender as a factor, at least when considering fruit flies.

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Metaphorically feeling…
Our brains really do respond to physical metaphor.

Disappearing Penis Bones
Humans may have lost their baculum as a result of monogamy, according to a new study of the bone in mammals and primates.

Maybe monogamy isn’t our thing?

Testing Gravity
In the first test of a theory of gravity that does not include dark matter, but rather a dark gravity force by which gravity acts over large distances, a recent analysis of weak gravitational lensing around 33,000 or so galaxies was able to explain the distribution of gravity around galaxies without the need for invoking a dark matter factor.

Next time you’re having trouble catching fish, maybe try peeing on your line?
Oh wait, that only works if you are a glowworm from New Zealand… My bad…

Talking Monkeys
“Will you marry me?” has never sounded so scary.

Atmospheric rivers affect oyster populations.

Self-healing silicon chips?

EPA Fracking takeaway is published.

Zebra finch song is both individual and species specific thanks to dopamine and silent gaps in the song.

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