15 July, 2015 – Episode 523 – This Week in Science (TWIS)


New Horizons At Pluto w/ Alan Boyle, Meanwhile on Mars, Pentaquark?!?, Think With Genes, Panda Survival, Spider Home-Wreckers, Tiny Bee Transmitters, Food Futures, Coffee Bugs, Monkey Brained Togetherness, And Much More…

We made it, and we are learning so much. NBC Digital Senior editor and author of “The Case for Plutio” joins us to discuss the news from the dwarf planet.

Meanwhile On Mars
The Martian crust is similar in composition to early Earth’s.

CERN’s LHCb experiment has produced evidence of a quark with 5 parts, or a pentaquark. This is the first conclusive evidence of this configuration of sub-atomic particles since it was first proposed in 1969.

Thinking with your Genes
A gene linked to memory and information processing speed has been discovered in humans.

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Panda’s are built to survive…
That’s one way to look at it. They could also be sleepwalking through life.

Home-wrecking male spider ruins female’s web during courtship
No, this isn’t a headline from a trashy spider tabloid, black widow males destroy females’ webs during courtship to reduce the number of rival males showing up, and females may even appreciate the effort.

Tiny transmitters may help us save bees
Researchers studied what infected, but not dead, honeybees did all day. This could help us understand what happens leading up to colony collapse disorder.

Reinventing food and plants for a less hungry future
Lab-grown meat, 3D printing pizzas, and fancy photosynthesis for corn…

Coffee Bugs
Without helpful gut microbes, the coffee berry borer beetle (say hat three times fast) wouldn’t be able to live inside the toxic coffee bean. Researchers are Berkeley National Lab are trying to discover if there is a persticide that might disrupt the gut of this insect, and save coffee crops around the world from devastation.

Monkey Brained Together
Scientists have networked brains, and they work better together than on their own.

Mountain Lions spotted in San Francisco
Do not run!!!

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