26 August, 2015 – Episode 529 – This Week in Science


One Jab To Rule, Evolution And Vaccines, No Omega-3 Benefits, Skydiving Spiders, Pestering Guppies, Monkey Brains for Fractions, Fusion Power Headway?, Hawking Information, Kids Lunch, Mendelian MS + D, Female Viagra Approved!, And Much More…

Disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer…
You’ve come a long way, baby. On a summer’s eve, no less…
And, yes, ladies, I’m talking to you.
From once being told we could only be mothers, or teachers, or secretaries.
Or, being told to mind our p’s and q’s.
From cinching corsets tightly almost every nightly
And, pinching cheeks to blush
in the hopes that a dashing young man would sweep us off our feet.
And, yes, that was why we went to college in the first place.
Now, we get to have desire.
Thank you FDA for making female desire ok.
Thanks you for validating a lifetime of orgasms of the female persuasion.
We were waiting for you.
But, not really, you sillies.
We are scientists.
We are managers of our own lives.
We will desire where and when we please,
And, without a black box warning if so we choose.
We will educate ourselves.
And, the next generation
to be stronger and wiser than you ever expected from the weaker sex.
Hats off to you, ladies of the world,
on this Women’s Equality Day.
We have faith that you will do more
and live better than you ever thought you could
with or without the female viagra
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One Jab To Rule
The universal flu vaccine is on its way. Two papers this week report different methods of creating a vaccine using an important and relatively unvariable protein from the H1N1 flu virus strain. Both were 100% effective in protecting mice from the deadly and distantly related H5N1 strain.

Evolution And Vaccines
But, what happens when vaccines are not 100% effective? A recent analysis suggests that imperfect vaccines that allow for disease transmission from vaccinated yet infected hosts promote evolutionary responses that could eventually render those vaccines useless.

No Omega-3 Benefits
A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found absolutely no benefit from taking fish-derived omega-3 supplements on aging-related cognitive health.

Monkeys have an innate sense for fractions… Unlike your third-grader…
Monkeys can easily identify fractions and compare them, even with mixed denominators. Now how can we get our human children to understand?!

Skydiving spiders
Need I say more? These spiders can steer to their home tree when in free-fall. I am never going to Peru.

Pestering guppy men help females tone muscle
Male guppies that gave females a hard time actually forced them to build up the muscles and endurance to outswim them later in life. Now there’s a whole new reason to go to the gym!

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Fusion Power Headway?
As reported by Science’s News portal, a company called Tri-Alpha Energy has succeeded in creating a device to contain plasma using a field-reversed configuration for 5msecs with no deterioration. Their goal is to increase the temperature and power input to succeed in creating hydrogen-boron fusion. They have their work cut out for them, but seem to be ahead of the startup pack.

Hawking Information
Stephen Hawking says he has solved the information paradox of black holes. He posits information is stored as a hologram of material that has entered the black hole at its event horizon. As photons escape they randomly transfer some of that information back into the universe. Information escapes, it’s just totally and completely useless to us.

NEWS FLASH: Children hate fruits and veggies
Despite requirements for students to pick up fruit or veggie items from the lunch line, the majority of those items end up in the trash before the students even sit down at the lunch table. So, how do we get them to eat their broccoli?!

Mendelian MS + D
Researchers have linked genetic susceptibility to low vitamin D levels to one’s risk of developing multiple sclerosis (MS).

Female Viagra Approved!
With a black box warning… don’t drink and desire.

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