30 September, 2015 – Episode 534 – This Week in Science Podcast (TWIS)


Tears Of Mars, Moon Water, Big Dry Trees, New CRISPR Tool, A Viral Tree, Fake Blood, Bee Tongues, Fish Lovin’, Light Damage, BRAINy News, Memory Prosthetics, No Gravitational Waves, Proper Speaking, Sex Acts, Light Sabers, And Much More…

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If it keeps on rainin’, levee’s goin’ to break…
Yes if it keeps on rainin’, levee’s goin’ to break
When the levee breaks…
we got water on Mars!
Pack your bags kids, turn off the pilot light,
drop the pets off at the neighbors!
Tell the boss so long,
cancel my subscription to the resurrection,
put on your shades, and free your caged bird.
Spread the word…
We… Are… outta here!!!!
maybe not all of us, and not anytime soon.
But, the discovery of free flowing water on mars has opened up
the possibility of human colonization of a second planet in our solar system…
And, regardless of how you answer the question:
Would you go?
Enough of us will say yes to the challenge ahead that one day…
One historic day that is already echoing into its past…
Mankind will settle the red planet.
And when we do, the one thing we will thank for getting us there is
The week in week out work of scientists.
And nowhere else does the does the week in week out work
of scientists echo more loudly than
This week in science…
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Tears Of Mars
NASA announced that salty water has been discovered flowing on the surface of Mars. What does this mean for the possibility of life on Mars?

Water on the moon too…
Not just hiding in cold, dark shadows, water appears to be more available on the moon than previously thought, AND it came from asteroids.

Big Dry Trees
A study published in Nature indicates that large trees suffer the most during droughts. This is bad news since bigger trees significantly affect ecosystems and carbon storage.

A new protein called Cpf1 that is able to cut human DNA – potentially with greater accuracy than Cas9 – has been discovered by scientists at the Broad Institute, and might lead to scientific and intellectual property advances in the field.

Virus tree of life…
New evidence adds more strength to the idea that viruses might be alive.

Fake blood from under the sea…
Do the oxygen-binding components in deep-diving whales have the potential to revolutionize the artificial blood field?

Bees evolving quick and dirty to survive climate change
High altitude bees have lost half their tongue length to survive with new flora moving skyward, showing they may make it through this dramatic change – but it’s not looking so good for the flowers!!

Fish know how to treat their lovers
Rabbitfish “watch eachothers’ backs” when feeding – proving a complex social behavior that was previously not expected in these cold, scaly, unintelligent creatures…

Artificial light hurts more than migratory birds
Wallabies are troubled by artificial light coming in from urban areas – what is it doing to us, then??

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Certain lifestyle and cognition abilities suggest that your brain may be connected to talk to itself while at rest.

Memory Prosthetic
A new device may be on the way to help people with damage to the hippocampal brain regions form new memories.

How height makes you more, or less sexually active
Researchers used self-reported data on number of lifetime sexual partners to look for a link between height and BMI and sex in humans.

Missing Gravitational Waves
The latest experiment in the search for gravitational waves has come up empty handed.

Many Layered Comet
Comet 67P is probably made up of two comets that collided at some point in the past. Additionally, it is eroding from the periodic build up and melt of ice in the shadows on its surface.

Giving pause to proper speaking
Proper pauses in speech make it easier for people to understand you.

Portabella batteries
Engineers are creating carbon nanofibers for energy storage out of mushrooms.

Great news for tazzies!!
First vaccinated tasmanian devils have been released into the wild – this could be an amazing success story after a nearly 100% fatal disease began spreading across the species!

One step closer to a light saber
Be afriad… be very afraid… OF SHOUTYBLAIR WITH A LIGHT SABER!! Or, not. It’s still going to take a lot of work to miniaturize the tech to light saber size.

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