16 January, 2019 – Episode 704 – This Week in Science (TWIS) Podcast


MS Advances, Mystery Species, Tantalizing Teeth, Slimesplosion, Sex And Shells, Humans-Hounds-Hares, Fat Cancer, Predator Whales, Blood Vessel Organoids, Science Footsies, Broad Virus Protection?, Space-biotics, Surfs Up, And Much More…

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Amazed by it or not…
The scientific world never ceases
Asleep at the wheel is no problem at all…
The scientific world is keeping a good grip.
Too busy to bother with the details?
The scientific world already has them neatly laid out.
Don’t have time to get sick?
The scientific world is on it.
It covers peoples mouths when they cough,
it washes their hands,
and it even wipes their bottoms.
And just in case you were wondering…
The scientific world wants you to know.
Where ever you are…
whenever you are…
whatever you are doing…
The scientific world has you covered,
has your back, front and side to side.
The scientific world is looking out,
not just for you but your children’s children’s children…
and all your ancestors too.
The scientific world never sleeps,
never takes a day off not even on its own birthday,
which you missed again this year,
but it’s ok…
Because the scientific world never complains,
never holds a grudge,
never needs winding, ironing, charging,
or hard to find replacement parts from a supplier with a confounding website.
And above all,
the scientific world is listening
To this week in Science
Coming Up Next…

MS Immune Replacement
Is chemotherapy and stem cell replacement worth the risk for MS treatment? Research suggests it might be for 15-20% of MS sufferers.

MS Protection
A compound called Sephin1 showed promise in protecting mice from myelin damage by protecting oligodendrocytes, the cells that create the myelin sheath.

Mystery species in the human genome… hint, it’s not aliens.
Deep learning technique provides insights into human evolution

Tantalizing teeth
Ancient human teeth.

How Hagfish Slime Slimes
Apparently, it unravels.

Shell Me A Story
A survey of multiple hermit crab species supports the hypothesis that hermit crab penis size is related to shell theft.

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This Week in What Has Science Done for me Lately?!?
“Listening to podcast 690 convinced me to stop using plastic altogether. With the new and expanding research on the affects plastic has on wildlife I believe that each person even making a small slow step to eliminate plastic usage could benefit the world. I have also convinced my family and we are trying to spread the word to family and friends to, slowly but surely, limit our uses of plastic throughout our daily life. This is how science has benefited me lately.
Now I have a question that I have been trying to figure out and would like a second opinion on it. In Neil deGrasse Tyson’s podcast with Joe Rogan he explains that it is difficult to view some quantum particles. He explains that when you can’t see something it could be anywhere, but when you turn on the light you can view it. Which makes sense to me. He later says that when scientist try to view some subatomic particles that photons themself move the particle meaning that it cannot be viewed. I was thinking of ways to figure out ways to due this.
So my question to you, Justin and Blaire is : Could we use acoustic levitation yo suspend subatomic particles in place to view them? Now I know you may not know the exact answer to this question but I would like to hear how you brainiacs would go about solving this problem. Thank you for TWIS! It always keeps my brain thinking and my curiosity wondering. Keep up the good work.
–Damien Brodbeck”

Humans, hounds and hares
Hunting help might have led to human-hound cohabitation.

Fat Cancer
Using two FDA approved drugs, researchers induced human cancer cells in mice to turn into fat cells.

Apex predator whales of Egypt
They came for the babies.

Blood Vessel Organoids
Grown from stem cells in a dish, and successfully transplanted into mice, human blood vessel organoids have the potential to uncover causes of vasculature diseases and lead to new treatments.

Science Footsies
Small internal muscles of the foot that were thought to support the arch were instead found to be important for propulsion.

Broad Virus Protection?
A compound has been discovered that seems to act against SARS, MERS, ZIKA, an enterovirus, and various influenza viruses by interrupting lipid membrane processes.

Don’t use antibiotics in space.

Surfs Up
And, keeps getting stronger.

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