16 May, 2018 – Episode 671 – This Week in Science (TWIS) Podcast


Interview w/ Ron Naveen, Water Plumes, Under Pressure, Mini Neanderthal Brains?, Homo Naledi’s Brain, Memory Transfer?, Turtle Sex, Birds Of Pay, Change Your Sheets, Ice Records, Cure The Cold?, And Much More…

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There are many things we humans take for granted…
And often we do this without much thought or introspection.
Like, when’s the last time you raveled anything?
We plot, we plan, we schedule…
never do we ravel.
Raveling of things must take place all the time,
otherwise nothing could ever unravel.
We assume that we exist…
reasonably enough…
Because if we did not exist it would be difficult to consider
how we might be able to pose the question of our own existence to begin with.
And while we wander through life leaving unasked questions everywhere
There is one simple question that can lead us to the end of our assumptions
Why this and not that?
Why here and not there?
Why did it happen and why did it not?
Why is such a simple looking word,
and yet without it would be difficult to consider how we could have
This Week In Science,
Coming Up Next…

Interview with Ron Naveen
Ron Naveen is the founder and president of Oceanites, a US-based, nonprofit science and educational organization, that got its start in 1987. He also began the Antarctic Site Inventory project in 1994, the only nongovernmental, publicly supported, scientific research project working in Antarctica and the only project monitoring penguin population changes across the entirety of the Antarctic Peninsula. He is a professional penguin counter.

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This Week in What Has Science Done for me Lately?!?
“Hi, Dr. Kiki! We met very briefly ages ago when you were a judge for the ChemChamps competition at the ACS meeting in San Francisco. I only recently started listening to TWiS. Though science has done a lot for me for a long time starting with a fascinating undergrad life in wildlife ecology (I kind of want to be Blair when I grow up) to recently benefiting from new treatments for a rare autoimmune disease, I wanted to share what TWiS has done for me lately. I had an episode playing in the car when I picked up my 8-year-old son for his gymnastics class. I was about to switch to the radio when he told me to stop, he wanted to keep listening. He was highly intrigued by the slave ants story. TWiS has now become our thing when it’s just the two of us trekking between activities. So, thank you (and Blair and Justin) for giving me an easy way to fill at least one of my kids’ heads with science. 🙂
–Rachel Pepling”

Water Plumes
Old data tells new tales on Europa.

Under Pressure
Protons pressure at their core is higher than neutron stars.

Mini Neanderthal Brains?
Svante Paabo wants to grow brain organoids containing neanderthal DNA to see how they grow compared to human mini-brains.

Homo naledi’s brain
Might have been very human-like.

Memories can be transferred between organisms

Sex determination in turtles gets a clue
But strangely leaves more questions than it answers…

You want jobs?? Hire some kestrels!
Tiny birds of prey could save the economy. Or, at least, the sweet-fruit economy of the midwest… But that’s something!

Cure The Cold?
Researchers may have created a compound that combats rhinovirus.

Have you changed your sheets lately?
Whether you have or not, a chimp’s bed is likely to be cleaner than yours…

History in an ice core

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